RSVP for Find Joy in Your Journey Workshops

I’m announcing a NEW weekly workshop series as part of #myjoyfuljourney – the first is an informational interview with me and all my tips for breaking into tech. Seeya there!

Past Workshops:

SEP 26 @ 12PM PST | How to Break Into Tech – A Find Joy in Your Journey Workshop

Learn how to navigate internships and non-technical entry level roles in the social media and technology industry, and learn more about Joy’s story. Actionable tips and laughter guaranteed. To view this recording, please email me at

OCT 9 @ 5PM PST | How to Level Up on LinkedIn

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, build an active audience and let your purpose shine through your posts from a Top 2% LinkedIn publisher in Marketing & Advertising. To view this recording, please email me at

OCT 16 @ 5PM PST | How to Increase Your Virtual Visibility

Learn how to amplify your personal brand and accomplishments in the workplace/online and launch a public speaking platform while working remotely. To view this recording, please email me at

OCT 23 @ 5PM PST | How to Build Brand and Creator Partnerships

Learn how to increase your efficiency when pitching brands or creators for partnerships with TikTok’s Christen Nino De Guzman. To view this recording, please email me at

These workshops are hosted by Joy Ofodu, course instructor and author of Find Joy in Your Journey. To find and sign up for more free workshops, follow Joy at or follow #myjoyfuljourney

The Course: Learn how to Match Purpose to Profession, Refine Your Personal Brand, Apply Yourself Expertly and Excel on the Job with 10+ engaging video lessons and highly practical career tips delivered by an enthusiastic young leader in Tech:

As a Marketing Manager, Joy Ofodu has been recognized as one to watch in the marketing and technology industry, centering Black people and girls in her programs, mentorship and digital content. She is also a M.S. in Marketing student at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business and an alumna of the University of Southern California. Joy is a Top 2% LinkedIn Publisher in the marketing and advertising industry and a zealous portrait photographer.

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