Presenting with Walmart at the International Women’s Forum

I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with Walmart for “An Intergenerational Conversation on Race” at the International Women’s Forum 🎉

Thousands of the most senior women across education, tech and politics will be present on Wednesday – join us below! In this dynamic session, we will have a candid dialogue on the topic of racial equity and how the generational gap is transforming our perceptions of race.

To register: click here

The panel will include Sindy Benavides and Joy Ofodu. Benavides is a Honduran-American immigrant who has experienced the American dream, and now devotes her career to public service. She is currently Chief Executive Officer for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Ofodu’s mission in life is to empower on/offline communities. She currently works as an Associate Brand Marketing Manager in Tech.

Denisse Goldfarb, Chief People Officer at Walmart Chile, will moderate the session. Goldfarb manages the people agenda for more than 45,000 employees and nearly 400 stores. Previously she was HR Lead for Microsoft with focus on digital and cultural transformation and D&I. Goldfarb is proud to be a member of the IWF Chile chapter.


Gearing up for what should be a lightning conversation on such a prestigious platform.

12/09 – Success!


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