I’m a Guest on “Speaking Our Language”

Is it okay to have a height preference? Why did I reject my first sugar daddy prospect? Which dating apps yield genuine connection and what should we look out for when dating in a pandemic?

I answer these and more on @speakingour podcast previously graced by @hermusicofficial and co-hosted by my friend @iamashlauren.

“We initially thought about starting the miniseries with an episode on navigating the new normal, but decided to make it about navigating our Blackness with everything happening in the world and our own lives,” Harris said.

– The Daily Bruin

I’m frequently told that I inspire people to download Hinge or Bumble, and love to hear about the first dates that come from those downloads. I’ve obviously been on a number of them myself, and it can be scary to open up about how I feel approaching each potential connection, but Ashley & Elston made it easy!

I reach over 1M people monthly making funny videos about this so it’s time to get real 😂 And to do so on Ashley + Elston’s podcast is an honor. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music and tell me your thoughts on my post below!

Enjoy and feel free to laugh at my expense, because the streets are hilarious.

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