Addressing Racism in the Bachelor Franchise With USA Today

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I shared a few ideas with @usatoday@doliver8 on how my favorite reality TV franchise @bachelornation can address its structural racism, featured alongside @chelseavaughn_ and others.

🌹Cast, defend and meaningfully feature Black & URP leads and contestants! You’re already 40+ white leads deep. Anything helps. See @bachelordata for more

🌹Thoroughly vet your contestants. We shouldn’t be made to root for racists.

🌹 Evolve from tokenized, hyper-sexualized representation of Black Bachelors and ettes (whattamanwhattaman??) to deeper storytelling.

As a former @inclusionists researcher and forever inclusion advocate, I’m deeply passionate about this. There’s a reason 100k+ people had my Reel on repeat (See the last slide below).

Let me know your thoughts,

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