Airbnb Getaway – Bees Rock Ranch and Archery For All Ages

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The Sonoma Country Cottage on Bees Rock Ranch
Archery For All Ages

Might sit down on my diamond plate tailgate
Put in my country rock hip-hop mixtape
Little Conway, a little T-Pain, might just make it rain

I rolled into Petaluma (1.5h away) slappin’ Luke Bryan because I was ready to get into CHARACTER baby, OK?! I hadn’t had a week off of work since July of last year (which was a heartbreak recovery week, so does it really count?).

No one was going to hand a break to me. I had to take it. My therapist gave me HW and followed up to ensure I put a block on my calendar and defended it from my impulses to do more work, keep contributing, not leave the team hanging. I took it. I booked the Sonoma Country Cottage at Bees Rock Ranch, a place I had never seen or heard of before and my family begged me not to take (because no one can fathom a Nigerian girl willingly marching into a forest alone lmao).

My first time sleeping outside my home in over a year.

I was instantly taken:

The charismatic host of the ranch, Nicholas Freedman, checked me in and indulged my questions about his love of beekeeping, his 150-lb Pyrenees puppy Sully and local to-dos. I got ready for my first ever private archery lesson, an Airbnb Experience and drove to Archery For All Ages nearby.

I don’t consider myself athletic anymore, but it didn’t matter. I was shocked at how quickly I picked it up because I drop my phone on a daily basis and have long-time injured hands. The hosts, Mark & Julie, kept me from injuring my clumsy *** lol and encouraged me to play Travis Scott to stay in the zone. 11/10 would do again.

I was on a natural high from the experience back at the cottage. Over the next few days, I self-shot around:

Then, I binged The Crown with cow & deer & peaceful rain outside my window, stargazed, journaled and woke up to this:


  • Cucina Paradiso
  • Lily Kai
  • El Roys
  • Della Trattoria (still on my list)

I left Petaluma on my last morning lightly slapping Celtic bangers, because that’s what was on my heart; don’t judge lmao:

I feel so much more balanced just for this half-week away. Packing and unpacking, something I used to do monthly, felt like a foreign experience but was so exciting. Just to have somewhere to go in this climate, and know I’d still be safe and OK. Just a change of scene. Different sheets, towels, keys, smiles under masks.

Remember to take your credit and your getaway, and say hey to the hosts for me if you make your way to Petaluma.

But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and softly call
“Goodnight and joy be to you all!”

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