Day N Vegas 2021 VIP Experience

My VIP experience at Day N Vegas 2021 is one that I truly will not forget. From the food, safety, and music, it was a great weekend.

$15 got me a BIG OL’ tray of Cajun chicken and rice or a carne asada fries plate. Most people sat to listen or chilled on the concrete or turf. More actual seating & couches in VIP:

VIP seating at Day N Vegas

At several vendors, water bottles were available for about $2. Drink and restroom lines were tolerable.

Day 1:

Security admitted everyone quicker than expected. We all had to show QR codes after the Clear Health Pass app stopped loading for everyone in line. Triple masked up it was.

Meanwhile, the musicians and artists were giving it eveeeerythinnnng. Few were memorable than Rico Nasty. She bodied and her boots were so cute.

Photo of Rico Nasty on stage

Artists and festivalgoers seemed super cognizant of anyone feeling off. Rico stopped her set to have a fan lifted over the barrier. YG stopped to appreciate 2 fans’ shirts. You could tell they were looking into the crowd and literally reading.

This was the calmest live music event I’ve attended. These signs flash before every set:

Day 2:

The performers gave it everything again! Lil Baby, Blxst, Night Lovell, Sheck Wes, and Doja Cat (I guess I’m a convert) were particularly live. The grounds felt busier and more scattered, but again, everything was accessible.

The crowd parted during Doja to let out a fan who was passed out; her friends carried her out and we lit the way. In a pit, we helped a fallen guy up, like normal. Lots of collaboration went on. Artists doing tributes for Astroworld. Scary still but nice to see.

Day 3:

More artists stopped to check on fans.

24kGoldn shined. FLO MILLI and Chika did not show up and I was VERY crushed. SiR got vulnerable. Uzi got shut down. Teyana shut IT down. SZA bodied her last Ctrl set with remixes and whistle tones?!!

I broke down crying during SZA’s performance of good days with a video montage. It was so emotional and made me think of all I’ve lost and gained during this pandemic. A stranger put their hand on my back and patted me consolingly. Truly a moment I won’t forget.

Also, here are two of my outfits from the festival!

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