Find Joy in Your Journey: Jewel Drop Series

Over on LinkedIn, I’m dropping gems on your juicy career questions through funny videos from now – November in the Find Joy In Your Journey: Jewel Drop Series.

Find Joy in Your Journal: Jewel Drop written in white text with two diamonds next to it. The background is blue.

Check out the 8th and most recent Jewel Drop: “Do I Have To Do Corporate Talk?”

Find Joy in Your Journey: Jewel Drops 1-7!

1st Jewel: “What’s appropriate to post for a professional audience?”

2nd Jewel: Needing “More Experince” to Get The Job

3rd Jewel: Do Companies Really Care About DEI or Are They Checking Boxes?

4th Jewel: Where to Find Jobs and Internships

5th Jewel: How to Hear Back After Applying

6th Jewel: You Need a Referral for Every Job

7th Jewel: Build Your Own Website or Work with a Developer For an Effective Portfolio?

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I had a blast creating this series!


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