Voice Acting Casting Announcements

Wanna see what I’ve been cast in recently? Here’s where you can hear my voice, starting in December 2021.

Whims And Whisps Universe: Christmas,” as Louise

a photo of "Whims And Whisps Universe

From an Australian animator, a story that follows a tired, sarcastic, magic office worker cat named Louise, our protagonist, who can see the ghosts of the dead. She ends undertaking a task on Christmas Eve to bring joy to a small family, even though she’s the most unlikely person to do so.

I loved this character and process, sharing a review from the director on my work, below!

“Joy was unsurprisingly, a joy to work with. She filled the lead role of Louise in our team’s Christmas Animatic ‘The Ghost of Christmas Pudding’. She did an amazing job of delivering a lot of lines in a short period of time, meeting the project’s deadline. Not only this but she recorded several takes that really shows her dedication to the craft. The audio she submitted was clean and clear. She delivered her lines well, perfectly embodying the tired, yet sarcastic Louise. Not only this but she kept the character consistent during softer and more emotional lines as well. An amazing performance all around. I can easily recommend her, and look forward to seeing how her career progresses.”

“Galax!Es,” as Reiki Yumi

Our protagonist, Shouko Touma, seems to live in her own world….well until she isn’t anymore! After the kidnapping of her best friend, she is ready to travel through many universes to save her. With the help of her friends, Yasuo and Naomi, will she be able to save not only her friend but the entire Galaxy?

“Stumblers,” as Officer Chavez

Stumblers” follows a group of four students who are taken into detention after an incident involving the principal’s car. The students are taken in as suspects, yet none of them were involved in the incident. Through their time together these four students grow to enjoy each other’s company.

Knee Deep’s Visual Album as Command

Ignoring Command, Agent Knee Deep adjusts the Clappa level in a way that might exceed recommended safety for the general populace. This scene opens a visual album produced by Universal Music Group.

The Last Kiss,” as Nozomi and Midori

a photo of a title sequence of "The Last Kiss"

“The Last Kiss” is an animated short about how two students, Omori and Tasuki, end up fake dating. Why? So Tatsuki doesn’t have to worry about girls chasing after him at school.

The Last Cadet” video game (announcing role soon!)

a screenshot of "The Last Cadet"

“The Last Cadet” is a deep sea action-driven Metroidvania with elements of dread and isolation. Play one of two single-player campaigns using twin-stick controls to escape a submarine sunk by an ancient monster.

Planning an animated project? Find more about partnering with me here.

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