Rate the Slide

I receive tons of direct messages and hundreds of comments a day. It can be really difficult to sort through the volume, and even more difficult to discern the true intentions of those who sneak in, or boldly straighten, to ask for my hand in marriage, offer me goats, or ask me out on dates and states I’m not based in.

Luckily, I can find humor in anything.

So I started a content series called, “Rate The Slide” with the permission of each shot shooter, and I’m so glad that I did.

Shot shooter #1:

(Ariel the Editor’s Note: Giving it a solid 7. The shot shooter has a plan and thinking ahead. Giving earth sign vibes. I like the idea of going to the UK, tho. But they could be smoother. But love the last slide quote, Joy!)

Shot Shooter #2:

(Ariel the Editor’s Note: 1st slide, I’m giving an 8 for creativity. Not enough to win me over, but I like the creativity and effort. 2nd slide and beyond: Solid 2. As much as I love gif and memes, I need words. I’m a writer at heart. Picking a correct gif is not much work for me.)

Shot Shooter #3:

(Ariel the Editor’s Note: It’s giving a 5/10. Love the effort, imagination, planning, and smoothness. Not one for settling anytime soon and moving across the country without an engagement/marriage in mind. Planning too far in the future for me. But love the museum and bike ideas.)

Many of these shooters remain in the story replies today, where they are welcome and treated with respect.

How do you shoot?

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