Hosting Meta’s Black Creator Day 2022

I am blown away. I can’t count the number of people who grabbed my wrist, shoulder, arm, waist, or bald head to pull me in and tell me that hosting onstage, like I did at Meta’s Black Creator Day – is my calling.

Affirmations abound. I hosted our largest Black Creator event to date, live in Los Angeles in front of hundreds of people and thousands more online on Instagram.

The audience?

Creators I know. Creators I love. Creators like me. Actors, choreographers, disability advocates, fellow comedians, AR designers, VPs — people I aspire to be like and work with immediately.

I got to jump into and dance with the crowd, host a comedic original guided meditation like I do for Shine and hand the mic to Colan Sewell, Lala Milan, Laron Hines, and countless others for an unforgettable day.

I am affirmed and ready to lean all the way into my talent.

Photos – the unbelievable Natasha Campos

A huge thanks to my assistant for helping me pull off this styling collab with Veryl Designs!

Another video or 2-3 to come – subscribe to me on YouTube!

I’m available to host your events, email us at or visit here for my preferred topics.

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