Growing Fast: Join My Mailing List

Y’all. Y’all. YALL – we here at Joy Ofodu are growing fast – and I’d love for you to join my mailing list as we fill out our new shoes!

I was recently updating a pitch deck that said I had 40,000 followers on Instagram and relatively the same on TikTok. Today, I’m close to 75,000 on both, with a wave of new followers on LinkedIn as well.
Y’all know my thoughts on followership/growth focus over the years have trended mostly negatively.

From humble beginnings…

To excitement at female celebs exposing me to their wider audiences…

to modern-day, delicious awareness…

and even delight!

I’m insanely grateful to reach over 1 million people monthly, and that each of you has entrusted me to fill a small part or daily part of your social feeds.

After meeting with the Komi team through DBA, I know how important it is for me as a creator to hold you close (but not too close…not like weekly email close.) So, please join my mailing list as we take on new podcasts, IP projects, and more weekly videos.

Thank you!

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