Interviewing Creators at LinkedIn X CultureCon Juneteenth Celebration

I noticed that every other post on LinkedIn is about what we’re “humbled,” “excited,” or “honored” to announce. Unpopular opinion:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I’ll be your loudest cheerleader.

I caught up with 16 LinkedIn Creators at the CultureCon and LinkedIn combined party in Los Angeles to ask them what they wanted to share with YOU!

Meet Donye TaylorObi ArisukwuMark ClennonJasmine Clennon, Giselle P., Jane Jiyeh KimChase GriffinBuku Ibraheem, Lolo Spencer, Shantal Anderson, Ernest “EJ” JamesObidigbo NzeribeArrows FitzKudzi ChikumbuEtienne Maurice, and Rohan “Yannick” Jones.

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