Creator Conversations with LinkedIn on 9/22

The LinkedIn team hosted me for their 23M followers on Thursday, September 22! 🤯

I spoke at Creator Conversations: Unpacking the Creator Economy. Would you like to watch it? Check it out here!

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Fun Facts about Me:

I founded my own company, Joy Ofodu, and have grown a highly-engaged community of more than 200,000 online daters and meditators in just two years.

I am a digital creator and monetize through sponsored posts, events, workshops, voiceover and sold IP (writing fictional stories that people pay for).

During my M.S. program at Santa Clara University, I wrote a juicy breakdown of the Black Creator Economy for Business leaders – I’m sharing it with you on Wednesday!

Instagram has been my work home since 2017, where I’ve directly supported hundreds of creators and indirectly attracted millions!

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