September’s Animation Work

New animation work is out!

Joy Ofodu as Jake in “The Sales Off

Part 1 of The Sales-Off, including the first animated series regular VO role of my career, is nearly complete! My character, Jake, is an aspiring game designer working at the sales office on the side.

Check out the video for an update on the animation process from Aaron Carothers here and subscribe to The Sales Off’s YouTube to further support this project. For more updates, follow “The Sales Off” on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Joy Ofodu as Cursecrafter in “And Beyond

On a mission to map a safe route of Legerdomain for Professor Gwendolyn’s Field Trip next week, Horas gets unexpectedly sent to the forest of Zoraster and must navigate his way through the mystical realm of magic, meeting many strange faces along the way.

Catch up on the latest episode of The Ink Tank’s “Any Beyond” here on YouTube. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more updates and cool animated videos.

Joy Ofodu as Anansi in Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives

NPCs are paired with professionally voice-acted intro monologues to add an additional level of fun and immersion for you and your players. Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives provides you with a variety of stat blocks, roll tables, inventories, magic items, and side quests – reducing your prep time, so you can focus on fun! Virtual tabletop tokens and NPC cards support virtual or in person play. Lastly, Anansi’s Journal of Common Places gives you richly detailed location descriptions, including searchable secrets, that engage your players and help you build out your world.

Support their channel by subscribing to their YouTube channel and following their Kickstarter.

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