Dating Unsettled Finally On Set

Big news for our small company! This week, I hit a huge milestone in my career – I finally filmed my weekly dating podcast, The #DatingUnsettled Show, on set with an all-Black cast and crew.

As someone who’s passionate about creating inclusive content, it was important to me to ensure that the production team behind my show reflected the Black and African perspectives that I aim to showcase on air. It took a LOT of hard work and planning, but I’m thrilled to say that we pulled it off.

Filming with Town Futurist Media at Elev8 Studios was an incredible experience. The energy on set was electric, and everyone brought their A-game to create a show that I know our viewers and listeners will love. I’m proud to create and show-run this personal project that showcases the talent and expertise of Black creatives.

Thank you to Donnita Shaw (EXECT ASST), Jazmyn Breanna (PROD), Mojola Epps (PA), Korise Jubert III (VIDEO), Isaac Deol (EDIT) offsite, Darrin Baldridge (STUDIO) and a few more people I can’t wait to introduce you to!

And if you haven’t checked out The Dating Unsettled Show yet, be sure to tune in for some fun and informative conversations about all things dating.

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