Taking a Presidential Campaign to Victory

In December, I was approached by Edwin Saucedo and Austin Dunn, two hardworking University of Southern California students and presidential ticket hopefuls. After quickly briefing me on who the heck they were and their vision for the Undergraduate Student Government, they asked me to be a leader on their Core Team, a small group of 5 students well-versed in journalism, public policy and media arts.

I said yes, and with three more “yes”es, the #EdwinAustin2016 Core Team was born.

And off to a very good start, I might add. From left: Alex Melnik, Kristen Lago, Edwin Saucedo, Joy Ofodu, Austin Dunn

I had the pleasure and great responsibility of working with Kristen to brand our candidates – she and I met to develop a communication timeline and strategy aligned with elections updates. We launched an extremely popular Facebook page as well as an Instagram, Twitter and website. From December to the night of the February 16th win, I dedicated any spare time to filling the pages with content – videos, clips, copy, supplemental photography and graphics. Take a look at some of the fruits of my #EdwinAustin2016 campaign content!

30 Seconds With Edwin & Austin – 3,300+ Views


The Announcement – 600+ Views

As you can see from the announcement, our campaign was successful! I was able to reach thousands of Facebook users weekly while the boys got their message of transparency and community out to the student body! I’m so proud to have represented these candidates and led EA to victory!

Fight On!

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