TomorroWear 2016 – A Delicious, High-Tech Fashion Show and VR Expo

The 2016 Wearable Tech Expo took place on February 17th! “Tomorrowear” is the collaboration of District2.Co, Manufacture LA & Heart Centered Tech. Their mission is to bring exposure to the wearable tech& sustainable / natural fiber communities.

The Wearable Tech Expo is an elite intimate event looking into the future – where science, fashion, community and tech intertwine. I covered this high-tech runway show and virtual reality exhibition for Cherry Los Angeles and got some striking stills in the process!

I also nabbed an interview with Left Shoe Company CEO and Chairman, Gordon Clune. (Rubbing elbows, anyone?) I’ll be writing a piece on his project on Cherry Los Angeles today!

Finally, I got to test out an amazingly immersive, full-range VR experience thanks to USC’s Anshul Pendse of Inner Activity!

If insane models, gourmet cuisine and out-of-body experiences don’t turn you onto the idea of wearable tech and virtual reality, I don’t know what will!

Lookout for my guest blog on Cherry LA!

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