Behind the Scenes at The Truth Awards!

Go behind the scenes with me at the 2nd Annual Truth Awards red carpet and awards dinner, hosted by Better Brothers LA in partnership with the DIVA Foundation, KTLA, LA County and NY Life!

“The Truth Awards represents an unprecedented opportunity to highlight the contributions of the Black LGBTQ community and our allies. The award embodies our belief that members of the Black LGBTQ community who embrace and live their truths should be recognized and honored.”

truth awards

I was so excited to return to the beautiful Taglyan Complex once more to support a few familiar faces on the Digital Media/Production Team. Shoutout to Art, Drew, Coco & Olivia!

(You’ll have to click through to Twitter to meet Drew, he’s incredibly camera shy.)

After we successfully chased our production team members out of hiding, we covered the red carpet and ceremony with ease! The night was full of unbelievable vocal talent, gospel vibes, real talk ( If you didn’t catch some of the amazing quotes in the video, now would be the time to do so) and a very necessary spotlight on figures who impact the black LBGT community. We wrapped the night with to-die-for desserts and a packed dance floor!

You can find more BTS photos here on Flickr! Just click on Miles Brock’s lovely face.

2nd Annual Better Brothers Truth Awards

Remember to live your Truth every day!

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