Partnering with VocalBoothToGo – My New Happy Place

Joy here, and my life recently changed! Let me tell you a quick story about Baby Joy getting crushed.

15 years ago, I told my immigrant parents I dreamed of being an entertainer. TV, silver screen, Broadway. Grudgingly but then enthusiastically, they poured into supporting my dream. I was thrilled!

Without warning— an organization financially took advantage of me and my aspiration, as well as a parent’s willingness to support their child, and disappeared into the wind.

I was so heartbroken and hurt for my family. There seemed to be no place for me. They lied to us about what we needed to succeed, for profit.

⏩ 15 YEARS: I’m inside my own @vocalboothtogo because I’m booking voiceover roles in short films, games, and meditations WEEKLY. I am well-researched and powerful now. I feel in control, and so peaceful inside I could cry. No one can tell me what I need but me. God is good.

🤎Baby Joy is somewhere cheering! 🚀

In partnership with, I’m showing you the unboxing, assembly, sound test, and audio quality inside my newly soundproofed, heavily treated space! I am genuinely, absolutely in love with my mobile booth, and it has made recording and post-production so much easier.

Enhanced SOLO Soundproofer Sound Booth (SPB3 -double wall) $4,638.55 LINK:…

Product Description: Enhanced Mobile SOLO Sound Booth (SPB33-2) with a double layer of soundproofing and sound absorption panels. The sound booth provides up to 84 dB at a high-frequency range. Great for voice-over, singing practice, individual musical instrument practice, audiometry testing, and such. Sound isolation Booth SPB332 measures approximately 40-inch square x 80-inch high.

Previously, I was using a portable booth in a non-treated room and heavy post + fighting with outside and inside noises.

This booth has truly revolutionized my recording, and I can’t recommend it enough to you!

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