Blavity Authentic Collaboration Webinar

Join me Tuesday, June 28th at 10am PT for the Blavity’s “Authentic Collaboration” roundtable.

This event is the second installment of Blavity’s partnership series featuring intentional conversations! In our digital world, job seekers, vendors, and customers have an abundance of information and access to brands’ competitors. What makes a brand or content creator stand out is their authenticity.

I will be sharing this space with Joy Victoria C., the Associate Director of Partnerships at Blavity, Fabienne Roc, the Director at Blavity Originals, and Miles Johnson, the Head of Belonging Marketing at Google.

We’ll discuss how to create brand stories that facilitate emotional connections, and how to engage younger generations and rise above the social noise to set your brand apart.

You don’t want to miss it!

Register today:

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