Joining the AdWeek Creator Network

Hi! I’m joining the AdWeek Creator Network to partner with AdWeek on content, brand opportunities, and events. 

I joined AdWeek’s Creator Network because I am a vocal ambassador and managed creator at LinkedIn, and have been named a semi-finalist at ADCOLOR, two professional networks where I find our missions highly aligned. I’m a true brand fan.

As a marketer and entertainer, I love the idea of producing original content or being able to pitch compelling social series to AdWeek, which has long since become my inspiration engine for creative campaign work. 

I’m so ready to attend events, contribute to and produce social media content as a host, voice, or face of AdWeek. I have a unique perspective on the Black creator economy, what makes for compelling, socially relevant content, and can’t wait to collaborate with the other creators within the network. 

This could be me soon 😉:

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